Why Fast Freight?

Fast Freight Couriers is a specialised express freight courier service provider. Since its inception in 2000, Fast Freight Couriers has been operating in a balanced mode between direct and indirect channels to the market, focusing on a specific geographical area with an emphasis on urgent goods. Fast Freight service is an express courier service providing collection and delivery of freight from door to door; warehouse to warehouse or whatever need may arise.

Our core philosophy has been to engineer unique solutions for our clients, whilst providing exceptional service and offering competitive rate. At Fast Freight, we pride ourselves in satisfying the increasingly sophisticated need of express courier services through customised solutions and seamless integrated information systems. We successfully service clients employing sound and basic business principles of Service excellence; Express delivery; Reliability and Value for money.

Fast Freight is a national logistics company, employing over 500 trained professionals in a national network and operating a fleet of 150+ vehicles. Each component of Fast Freight’s courier network is a well established dynamic organisation providing an extensive range of logistical services and support.

Our competitive advantage lies in our high level of service, a well maintained and controlled fleet and excellent transit times. Fast Freight has the industry expertise, innovative resources and unparalleled dedication to ensure you receive the right logistical solution at the right cost. With a carrier network that helps provide you with competitive prices and on-time delivery. Fast Freight does not only offers competitive rates; it also provides the personal attention and local expertise so essential to the creation of long term proactive relationship needed with our clients and partners alike.


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